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Live Sports Streaming

Live sports streaming links to our kodi sports addons 2016 below are showing NFL games, Copa America, Darts, Cricket, Euro 2016, Golf, European football, La Liga, Ice Hockey, NFL games, Premier League football, Speedway, Soccer, Wrestling, as well as many other live sports streaming events.


Kodi Addons

Kodi addons 2016 currently listed below. We will keep this list of kodi addons up to date and replace or remove addons as they appear or go. You will find the best movie addons such as Kodi Genesis, Kodi addon installer in the programs section to install the best kodi addons genesis or kodi addons fusion and some of the many other kodi sports addons in the Live Sports Streaming section.


Kodi Adults Addons

Kodi Adults addons XXX 18+ for 2016 currently listed below. We will keep this list of kodi adults addons up to date and replace or remove addons as they appear or go.


Kodi Builds

Kodi builds listed below are ready made versions that come with some of the best addons already installed, so you do not have to install, tweak or setup anything. There are lots of kodi builds to pick from from, so below are some of the best kodi builds 2016 we have picked out.


Kodi Programs

Kodi Programs


Tips and tricks to make your setup convenient and easy to use for every situation, so if you want to get tinkering with it straight away, we have put together a section of the best kodi tips and tricks.


What Is Kodi Box All About?

Kodi Box, which used to be XBMC TV, is designed to run on any computers or android TV boxes which can then connect to larger TV’s, it provides high quality viewable content directly to your home TV. Though, recently developed products mean that you can now run on your tablets and smartphones. Best Kodi Box to buy here.

What can it play?

XBMC developed the media player which can turn your pc, amazon firestick or fire tv, smart phone and tablet into a digitised media player or streaming TV, allowing you to watch movies and live sports streaming from the internet, a network or local storage. Unlike others, it is not restricted by licenses or a biased app store, so you can download a vast array of custom made addons and view whatever you choose. The user interface, which is custom built, allows easy searching through your addons. It features what its developers call a “10-foot user interface”, and can be viewed from a distance of 10 foot away and thanks to its custom built codes, viewers can browse content very easily. If your using a phone or tablet and don’t have a media box, you can also connect it to a large TV for a better viewing experience.

What’s compatible with it?

Well, it is available on almost every device you can think of. The XBMC TV download media player software is easy to install kodi, and can be used with Android, Kodi For Windows, OS X, Linux and even the Raspberry Pi computer. For people who have iOS, this is a bit more complicated. Users of the iPhone will have to ensure their device is jailbroken before downloading it. The latest version can be found here Kodi Download.

Browse through our pages and posts, you will find a lot more information to make your experience alot more enjoyable.



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