Best Kodi Builds 2017

There are alot of kodi builds emerging like The Beast build, one of the best, is liked by alot of users and said to be a great build but to others it is not. Here are some of the more popular builds that are available.
UFO Build Kodi

How To Install UFO Build Kodi

UFO build includes the following addons: Kryptonite, The Flash Build, The Clean Build, PyNk Build and finally Gorilla TV Build. Install UFO Build Kodi: Open Kodi >...
AChief Kodi

How to Install AChief Kodi

AChief Build is very simple meaning the download is very small which makes it ideal for all types of devices. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...
wullies mini build kodi

How to Install Wullies Mini Build Kodi

Wullies Mini Build is an excellent build for the firestick and should be installed on a newly installed version of kodi. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...
void build kodi

How to Install The Void Build Kodi

The Void Build is a great build for the Fire Stick as it is quite small. Try disabling the RSS Feed on your system which can cause a little...
Sky Build kodi

How To Install Sky Build Kodi

Sky Build addon can be installed through the TDB Wizard using the Titan skin, designed and built by Fanriffic Themes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...
Fire TV Build Kodi

How To Install Fire TV Build Kodi

Fire TV Build is a good build for the Fire Stick and is based on the CCM skin. Just remember to disable the RSS Feed which causes a...
Dad Life Kodi

How To Install Dad Life Kodi

Dad Life build has a clean main menu with very few links compared to some builds making it quick to navigate to the TV Guide, Movies,...
Aqua Build Kodi

How To Install Aqua Build Kodi

Aqua Build is a very simple build made to be easy to use. Addons featured are Phoenix, 1Channel, Castaway, Live Mix, Exodus, Moviemix, TVmix,...
Tomb Raider Kodi

How To Install Tomb Raider Kodi

Tomb Raider Build guide is for installing any of the available Tomb Raider Builds from below which are the from the latest Tomb Raider...
spinz tv pro kodi

How To Install Spinz TV Pro Kodi

Install Spinz TV Pro Kodi guide is for installing the wizard and will let you install any of the spinztv builds and also offers alot of...
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