stop buffering on kodi

How To Fix And Stop Buffering On Kodi

How to stop and fix buffering on your Kodi device with this easy guide. This method works but it won’t fix the issues from the server...
VPN Manager kodi

How To Install VPN Manager Kodi

VPN Manager v1.4.0 shows you how to install the VPN Manager for OpenVPN on your OpenELEC device. You will need to send two zips...
Real Debrid Kodi

How To Install Real Debrid Kodi

Real Debrid guide that will show you how to add your details to the Kodi URL Resolver and Genesis. The URL Resolver works with...
Abdfire kodi

How To Install AdbFire Kodi Push Zip Files to a Amazon Fire Stick

Abdfire guides there is no repo and we need to download and install a zip file. Some people have a Fire Stick and downloading...
Firestarter kodi

How To Install FireStarter Kodi (Firestopper)

Firestarter software version, Amazon has started disabling FireStarter by name on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. XDA member jkchr1s has done...
Fire Stick Kodi

How To Install Fire Stick Kodi

To install Fire Stick on Kodi ,the guide below shows you the easiest way. Most people will have used ADBFire to install it previously...
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